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Rob Rose
Rob Rose
Rob Rose Real Estate
217 NE 2 Street, Flagler Village

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301 
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Rob really knows the Fort Lauderdale area and all its intricacies. I highly recommend him to anyone. J. Larson
Thanks for all your help in making our "dream home" a reality. We really appreciated that you went the extra mile to get us the best price for our home. You are truly a professional. John and Rhonda Robinson
ROB ROSE has the history of Fort Lauderdale in his blood, and you can't find a more knowledgeable Realtor down there. Eason Dobbs
In all our dealings with Realtors over the past ten years, we have never met anyone as helpful and energetic as you have been. Without hesitation, we would highly recommend your service to anyone who is looking for an experienced Realtor who cares about getting things done and doing them right! Thanks for taking such good care of us, we couldn't have done it without you! Daniel and Barb Northfield
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Rob knows Ft. Lauderdale real estate! I first contacted him five years before I finally bought a condo in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. He helped me understand the market and was patient with my questions like "what is a fixed bridge?" I have already recommended Rob to one friend, and I will gladly recommend him to others as the opportunities to do so arise.
K. Brooks
Thank you so much for taking the extra effort to make our first home purchase successful. You were there guiding us through all the crucial and important steps! You really listened to what we wanted in our home and you found exactly what we were looking for - at an amazing price! If we ever outgrow this home, we'll definitely be calling you! The Yang Family
Charlie was first a friend, then a client, and yet another person I encouraged into real estate ( I think I make it look easy!) A top producing California broker today.

I owe my career in Real Estate to Rob. He encouraged me to become an agent when all my other friends told me it was a dumb idea. Furthermore, not only did Rob sell my house in under a month during a recession, he also flawlessly handled my tenant eviction. Rob is a Fort Lauderdale native and has been in the business his whole adult life and knows how to get a house closed on time.
C. Mader
You made buying a home so easy for my wife and I. We were grateful for how much patience you used in answering all of our questions and taking us to look at so many houses. You never pushed us into looking at something we were not interested in. We strongly recommend you to anyone looking at buying a new home. Bob and Mindy Lawrence
This review is not from a client, but a competitor. I take my reputation with other agents seriously to insure cooperation in transactions.

Working with Rob is a pleasure. He is trustworthy, polite and considerate, and negotiates fairly with a win-win approach.
M. Obrig
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“Rob's knowledge of the real estate market in Fort Lauderdale is extensive, accurate, and the recommendations he makes are in his client's best interest.”
S. Schwitzman
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Rob was very attentive and responsive to my needs and, unlike many real estate agents, tried to show me what he understood me to be looking for, not what he thought I should be looking for.
L. Perling
This review is from another former client who is now in real estate.

I first came in contact with Rob on the Internet. My wife and I wanted to relocate to Fort Lauderdale and Rob seemed (and is) very knowledgeable about the city. Rob gave us 5 days of his time for our buying trip from Virginia and showed us a variety of possibilities in our price range. By the end of the week, we had a contract. The closing went smoothly and we have lived happily ever after since 2004. I liked Rob so much I got my real estate license and went to work for him as an agent. Rob will show you what you ask for, then leave it up to you to decide. No pressure...just a highly informed view of the market. Rob has my highest recommendation.
Kevin K
This review is from a former client who, like over 40 clients in the past, decided to go into real estate himself.

Rob Rose is a knowledgeable Real Estate Broker in Fort Lauderdale. Rob has worked with me on a number of transactions and it was always professional and a pleasure to work with him. I would gladly do another transaction with Rob Rose and hope to do so in the near future.
Frank V
Rob Rose was so understanding and patient. He understood what we were looking for and found the "perfect" place for us. We have know Rob for 15 years through other purchases and sales and there is no other Realtor I would trust here in FL. He is honest and hardworking for you. He is what we consider to be the "perfect Realtor". We really are not being paid to say this - it is a proven fact Frank and Mary Ellen
Rob Rose is an excellent Realtor and business man. I had a short sale drag out over the course of 2 years. For the entire duration Rob was very responsive and professional. He went the extra mile to make sure I understood what was going on, and that I was comfortable with it.

And as a nice perk, he has embraced technology. For a computer geek like me it was amazing to have a Realtor who responds to email's, provides electronic documents, and orchestrates getting those documents to and from all affected parties. His response time in my experience, during waking ours, is about 15 minutes max - usually under 5 :) - He really makes you feel like his only client & priority.

And speaking about above and beyond - his contact network is unparalleled. I had a flood midway through closing (a huge one). Rob directed me to a contractor that was amazing and fixed the issue in budget, on time, and very quickly. He also chose the legal team to handle all of the proceedings - and they couldn't have been any more perfect.

You just can't go wrong on his advice. I'll never deal with any real-estate situations again without him on my side.

Thanks again Rob!!

Steve S in Pompano

Thanks for everything in the sale of our Coral Ridge home. It was handled in a very easy and professional manner by your office (and Pat too!) We were serious about getting together with you and your for dinner sometime soon.

Thanks again!

Charles Lane
(This note is from a potential client who had been referred by other clients - It demonstrates that I tell people the truth, not just what they want to hear.) Update: This client later had me handle a short sale of his beachfront condominium and has referred othe clients.

Dear Rob --

It was a great pleasure meeting you. I sort of felt like I knew you since I've been on your website so many times reading your newsletters and your analysis of the market in FLL and South Florida. I'll often be sitting here at my desk, overwhelmed with work, and find that hitting your site is fun, relaxing, and a way to clear my head from all the business I'm trying to conduct. I wasn't sure what to expect when you came yesterday. All I've known of you is your picture on your site of the handsome man in a suit and tie -- very business like. It was a treat to meet this great guy in jeans, who was another born and bred South Floridian. (Friends from anywhere other than South Florida can't believe my High School had an Olympic size swimming pool, and that swimming was a required part of PE all through high school.)

To be honest, I was disappointed to hear what you had to say. I was sure Iris was off the mark and low balling the market. But after meeting with you and reading your newsletter, (which was very informative and well written) I have a much better understanding of what's going on down there. I now know how truly lucky I was with both my buys, and the selling of my previous apt in the last couple of years. Obviously all dreams end. I hope to someday be able to make my "Apt Flipping" fantasy a reality, but I need to make a decent profit on the sale of my current apt before I can start reinvesting and renovating other properties. My little business venture needs to be put on hold for a while. I think I had deluded myself into thinking that you were going to come in yesterday, take one look at my apt, and tell me you'd put it on the market for $700K, get me $680K and another $25K for the furnishings within a couple of weeks. That's what Iris did with my previous apt, and that paid for the buy on the place I have now. But a year can make a big difference. (As you can see I live in a fantasy world.) I think your advice was very sound and smart (but disappointing) that I wait a while and let the dust settle in Ft. Lauderdale before trying to sell. I love that apartment, so I don't want to give it away unless I can make what I need to make, and I don't think "now" is the time I'm going to be able to do it.

So please don't forget me, and if that offer of getting together was a social invitation and not part of a sales pitch I would love to see you again. The plan to get together with Mike and Geoff sounds wonderful. I've just gotten to know them recently and really think they're great. I saw them yesterday at lunch after you left. They were there with their friends from Chicago who needed one more frozen cocktail before they headed to the airport to catch their flight home to Chicago and 16 degree weather. We talked for a few minutes and made a promise that we were going to get to know each other. I hope to do the same with you. It's great to meet interesting men who actually remember seeing "The Andy Griffin Show" when it was "first" running on TV. I'm surrounded by youngsters who only know Ron Howard as a bald movie director. To me he'll always be "Opie."

Again, thank you so much for the time you invested in our visit, and for your enlightened and common sense discussion of the market. As I said, I'm a "fashion" maven and that's about all I know. I was sure I was going to be able to start renovating ugly apartments all over FLL and bring beauty and style to Ft Lauderdale -- Ha! When it comes to business, finance, and the changing face of the economy I'm pretty dumb. I truly appreciate the education.

So don't forget me. I know my "renovation plan" scheme has merit....I just have to get the timing down, and some more money in the bank. If by chance some buyer waltzes in dying for dramatic Ocean views, antique marble floors, and minimalist furnishings, remember me. Oh, and make sure he's got some bucks please.

I'll definitely going to alert you to my next visit.

Thanks again and all my best,


It was a pleasure meeting both you John, your knowledge was unbelievable! We are interested in the new 2/2 condos and intend on making a purchase soon as we find a deal.

We would also like to make an offer on the 1/1's you showed us. We would like to buy 2 units @ $190K each. Will you please prepare a contract on the two units you feel are the nicest and get back with me?

C. Schmitz

Hi Rob, We are back at Joe's family home in Perry, Florida. His Dad's river house was flooded during Dennis and we have spent the last 3 days cleaning it out, sorting, storing things, taking load after load of ruined things to the dump, and burning debris. We will finish that task today and go to Joe's sister's house in Marianna, FL tomorrow.

We both enjoyed meeting you so much. It is obvious to us that you enjoy your work, and meeting new people. Pat has talked about your dry sense of humor, and tells people "He was so tall". We especially appreciated the time you took from a busy schedule to show us properties in the area despite having had major dental work done.

If at any time in the future we consider other property in the Fort Lauderdale area we will call on you.

Again, thank you so much.

Best wishes,
John and Joe

We are extremely impressed by your kindness and understanding. We enjoyed our visits with you and your staff. It's true that we were initially overwhelmed by all the information you provided. However, we want you to continue to make suggestions. Please keep in touch. John and I sincerely appreciate your willingness to share your extensive knowledge and expertise. We want the best retirement possible in the Fort Lauderdale area.

We want to work only with your agency in the future. You are good people. Please give our thanks and best regards to John Cotter, Amanda and Pat. Looking forward to your continued assistance.

P.S. Happy 4th of July!
Ed and John
Mr. Rose,

I just wanted to let you know, I REALLY appreciate how your website is designed. I do research for our real estate appraisal firm and we do a lot of work in the South Florida area....having just come across your website I was able to get help with the job that I'm currently working on....I have book marked it for future use!
Carolyn , Marketing & Research

Hi Rob,
My pleasure to refer Rebecca. I was impressed with the way you and your team worked and felt that you would be the right person for her to become acquainted with. I know that she is very interested in having a place in the Watergarden.
At this point it looks like my partner, Lenny, and I will be there next on the weekend of April 29, leaving on May 2nd. It would be great to get together if it works for you. Let us know.

Michael O'Connor
Senior Vice President
Michael O'Connor

I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about moving to ft Lauderdale, Lauderdale-by-the-sea for some time. I review items for sale periodically on the computer. I just wanted to let you know that your site is one of the finest I have ever seen. In fact, the information you provide gives me answers to questions that I've asked without receiving acceptable answers. I was in Fort Lauderdale in December and I did look at a number of properties - very interesting ones, but not ready just yet to commit. I will be in Fort Lauderdale sometime in May. Perhaps I'll give you a call. My interest is in an oceanfront condo - 2 bedrooms/baths, balcony. Congratulations on providing excellent information.

Rob, Michael, John.

Thank you all. You guys were great. As a satisfied client of two
transactions, I can honestly say I would not even consider doing business with any other real estate company in South Florida. The sale
of my unit in the Watergarden came much more suddenly than I expected. Michael just happened upon two potential buyers in the lobby of the
building. Seizing the opportunity, he phoned me immediately and asked if he could show the property. Michael's communication skills with both sides were excellent. I felt comfortable with the situation and trusted his expertise.
While most clients probably call about "when are you going to sell my property?", my problem was "Where am I going to go now?"

Because I am the type of client who prefers to look at properties on my own, John Cotter began to e-mail me listings of available properties in
my area of choice. It was only ten days until the closing on the sale of my apartment, seven of which, I was going to be out of town, yet I
was not anxious. On Saturday morning, John sent me a new listing which I drove by immediately. I called John and told he needed to get to the
property now. Within minutes, John was there and I followed him to the office where Rob Rose had already been prepared the contract.

While I was gone for a week, Rob kept in constant contact with me, resolved my concerns with the seller, answered my questions, and kept
things calm. Sale and purchase went great, no problems. John was with me at both closings.

I will close by saying I met Rob at the Watergarden Sales lottery. I am not good at picturing what things will look like from looking at a model. Rob also was purchasing a unit. We talked and he explained to me the plus and minus of each unit that I was considering. He did not say that he was a realtor. He was just being a decent caring human being and trying to be helpful.

There are other realtors who live in the Watergarden and they have phoned me about listing my apartment with them. However, these same people do not even say hello in the elevator. As the song goes "Who ya gonna call?" Rob Rose!

Thanks again guys...I will miss having you as neighbors.
James Crown

You have a really nice web site and I come back to it time and time again. I'm planning on buying in the ft lauderdale area. Please keep it up to date and I'll be sure to visit the site often to see whats avalable in my price range and will be sure to recommend friends and associates -- you are doing it right for us yuppies looking for homes in southern Florida.
Mike Ricciardi

Hi Rob,

Dan and I want to thank you for helping us at closing last Friday. We were in unfamiliar territory and you gave us some important tips during the inspection. It was fun to visit with you, too. We think we made a good buy. Sorry we didn't get together over the weekend. After we closed Friday we shopped and shopped and
shopped---and shopped. We didn't spend quite as muchas you did, at least not yet, but we did manage two beds, a couch and a dining set. As well as buying oneof everything at Target. We were so exhausted by the evening each night we just crashed. So next time we will try again when we are able to play more and buy later! When we call, should we call your office or use your cell phone? See you in a few weeks, hopefully,
Tom and Dan
Following our interview of several active realtors specializing in the marketing, sales and leasing of condominium units located in the Watergarden Condominium, we decided to list our three bedroom unit #2004 with Rob Rose of R. L. Rose Company, Realtors.

Rob is definitely very knowledgeable of the building as a resident himself. His honesty combined with 25 years experience of this local Fort Lauderdale market gave us the confidence that he would represent our interest well. Rob also has a well-known reputation for his cooperation with all other agents in the industry as he seems eager to assist them in their sale; all to our benefit as Sellers.

As a successful yacht broker myself with over 25 years in yacht sales, I know firsthand the importance of these combined factors as the key to success.

Rob provided us with up-to-date sales data and recommended a list price that was in keeping with our interest in selling our unit in a timely manner. Within two weeks of listing our property with Rob, he presented us with a strong offer that we negotiated to our satisfaction. Rob's office and efficient support staff handled all the details of the transaction to a smooth closing.

I strongly recommend Rob to anyone in this building or any other downtown luxury condo building, if they are looking for a Realtor they can trust and who will definitely represent their best interest in the purchase or sale of their condominium, especially at the Watergarden and the many other newly constructed properties nearby.


Claude & Nancy Racine
Hi Rob:

I will not be moving to Florida after all, but I wanted to thank you for all of your help.

You were the most responsive and professional site I visited and I checked out quite a few.
Steve Lengle
Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed speaking with you and how much you helped with your ideas.My husband and I may be able to come down in early Nov. if not before so as per our conversation,please send me the listings,especially the condo complex with the short term rentals option. Thanks! Maxine Shepatin

Dear Mr. Lauderdale,

Tom and I want to thank you for helping us to find and close on Pine Crest Village. Thank you also for your wonderful hospitality and breakfast at Lago Mar. We thouroughly enjoy your company, and insights into the future. Keep the crytal ball polished! We look forward to completion of Bamboo Flats, renting Pine Crest, and many more real estate ventures. Which car will you bring next time?

Marcella and Thomas Urban

Hope you had a nice Memorial Day, you certainly made our weekend wonderful. Thanks for suggesting we stay at Largo Mar, great place! We will always consider you as our agent. We are the guys from Atlanta, you so kindly meet with Saturday morning. Looks like the company that was going to hire me has delayed the process for 30 to 45 days at best and now want me to consider Tampa for the short term and your area in 6 - 8 months. We will keep you posted. I can not begin to thank you enough for all you wonder your the number one Realtor!


Charlie Barth

Dear Rob:

John and I wanted to write and thank you, and your office colleagues, for your assistance with our purchase in Ft. Lauderdale this past year. Since we were exchanging an investment property in Washington, DC for a like-kind investment property in FLL, we were not very focused on the type of property nor the location, which of course made it much more difficult for you.

We would like everyone to know that you spent a great deal of time and effort to help us select our investment property, having shown us houses, high-rises, low-rises and multi-unit properties in a wide variety of Ft. Lauderdale neighborhoods. Over the course of the summer, we were able to focus on several neighborhoods and properties and purchase a suitable reinvestment.

We were very pleased with your dedication to us, especially with the modest nature of our investment. Your entire office was not only professional but fun as well, and provided us with terrific assistance, be it for a mortgage broker, settlement attorney, or others that helped us get our property ready to rent.

Please feel free to use us as references, especially for out of town investors who need additional TLC.


John Moshier & Tom Suttle

Dear Rob:

I've just returned from a week of vacation in Montreal and found your letter regarding the closing on my new home and the rent check from the sellers. As I acknowledge receipt of the check I wanted to take a few moments to make comment about my experience with your firm.

First, let me state that you are a consummate professional. Knowledgeable, prepared, timely, businesslike, and dedicated to finding the home that matches perfectly the buyer's needs and expections.

You made this entire experience, not only stress free, but enjoyable as well. That's not easy and I commend you for your great work. Rest assured that when friends decide to buy in Fort Lauderdale, I'll insist they buy with your representation.

I know there were issues with the purchase that presented challenges for you and I deeply appreciate the competence and professionalism exhibited by you throughout the entire process. Thanks for a wonderful job!
Dennis St. Jean
Dear Rob;

Thank you so much for selling my house. I am still amazed that you were able to get me a cash buyer in two weeks during a recession! I am further amazed that you were able to bring me a offer within 5% of my listing price. This is testament to your superior marketing and salesmanship skills. I would not hesitate to refer any of my friends to your office should they need to either buy or sell real estate. Please feel free to use me as a reference as I only have god things to say about you and your company. Sincerely Yours,

Charles Mader
Rob: Just wanted to get a short note off to you saying again thanks for the hospitality. We couldn't have been more surprised at what a good time we had looking for a place, and all the fun we had doing it! (Happy hour, the boat ride, and the fun we had just riding around looking) Rob, you really went above and beyond your call of duty and we really appreciate it more than you'll know. Anyway, the whole experience couldn't have been more pleasant and it was all because of you and your friends. We look forward to seeing you when we come back down for the closing, and in the mean time if you are ever in Pennsylvania ( for what reason God knows) you have a place to throw your hat! Take care, Dan. Daniel McConnell
Just wanted to drop you a quick not to say thank you! You made the entire process of searching for a house fun and exciting. I know that it is not complete at this point- but I feel that you were able to guide me in the right direction. Also, I never expected that my Realtor could also be a friend. I hope that this is just the beginning of a wonderful friendship! Thank you for your hospitality, taking me everywhere, introducing me to your friends, the bars, the waterfront by boat and your lovely home. I hope that maybe one day I might be able to return the favor. If you will come out to the 'burbs after dark! Anyway- thanks for making this a wonderful fun experience! Maybe we can do this again in a few years!

Take care-talk to you soon!

Peter Coenraad
Rob: It was very good to see you today. I hope you are as successful matching those clients as you were with me. I truly do love it here. I keep meeting more interesting people and my front door and sofa bed are revolving with all the company I have been getting from the north. Not that many people came to visit me in Erie, PA. I just don't understand why this is more appealing!! My number is 954-xxx-xxxx, cell 954-xxx-xxxx. I guarantee that you will not recognize the place.I'm getting ready to go to the annual board metting tonight. I'm sure it will be a real trip!

Ron Halpin
When looking for a local realtor for the Gold Coast area of Florida we were recommended by friends in London to contact Rob Rose at R.L. Rose & Co. Purchasing a home from two thousand miles away (we lived in Northern California at the time)is a risky business but with Rob's help the task was painless. He has almost unique knowledge of the areas in and around Fort Lauderdale and helped us in a matter of days during only two visits to pinpoint several potential homes. The actual buying process was made simple too,as an associate of his, Pat Rathburn, is a real estate lawyer working in his office complex, and their expertise made the transaction both efficient and worry -free.I would unhesitatingly recommend any potential home owner looking to buy in this area to contact Rob immediately! Christopher Grudman and Blaine Branchek
Dear Rob:
Thanks for all your help and hospitality last weekend. I appreciate the tour and orientation. It was so nice to meet nice people again. The sense of community was very evident. It has been a whirlwind last few days for me. I will check in after I return from Santa Barbara. I enjoyed the boat ride so much. Please give my thanks to David as well. Best, Donald
Donald Parham
Rob, I can't thank you enough for finding me the perfect home. Moving here from Key West with no time to spare and little knowledge of the area, I was apprehensive. You took me to see one house and I fell in love with it at first site. Not only did you handle all the details smoothly, but you introduced me to people who are my oldest friends in the area. Without hesitation, we would highly recommend your service to anyone who is looking for an experienced, caring Realtor who gets things done. Thanks for taking such good care of me! Your friend, Troy Bivings, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Mike was a client years ago who (another one!) is now in real estate for himself.

I recently purchased a home here in Oakland Park Florida, and I contacted Rob through the Internet. He was great at returning my emails and answering our questions and concerns about buying a house. One of the best things is that he works for the buyer. You avoid the conflict of interests that sometimes arise especially if the realtor is representing both the buyer and seller. Rob worked hard to help us to find a home that suited our needs and budget in a very short period of time. We needed to relocate and only had 3 weeks to do everything in. I made arrangements with Rob to come to Fort Lauderdale. He met us at the airport and made a point of showing us all of the different neighborhoods that he thought would best suit our needs We looked at many houses and made an offer on a house our second day. Every thing else was handled through email and faxes. Rob was able to assist in connecting with mortgage information, and all of the other important information as far as the actual settlement process, insurance requirements even utilities. The experience of buying a home is almost always an emotional and stressful one. Rob was great at doing his part in minimizing the stress factor. I think you will enjoy working with Rob.
Best Wishes,
Mike Walters, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
We greatly appreciate all the time, effort and thought you gave us in our recent search for a new home in Fort Lauderdale. Your patience and thoroughness in familiarizing us with areas around Fort Lauderdale were very beneficial in helping us decide in which area we wanted to purchase a home. Furthermore, your practical advice, keen understanding of prospective buyers needs and expectations, and extensive real estate experience made our search much easier and made us much more comfortable as first-time buyers.

Most of all, we enjoyed and appreciated your low-key approach and sophisticated sales manner that enabled us to establish a bond of trust immediately with you. As a result, we knew we were developing a long-term business relationship-and friendship-with you as we considered our future home.

Again, Rob, thank you very much for all you have done-and continue to do-to make our transition to home ownership in Fort Lauderdale such a rewarding and pleasant experience. We definitely will recommend you and your outstanding services to other prospective homebuyers.
Sincerely, Kim Kerrigan and Steve Wells
Tom and I wanted to thank you for all you did to help us buy our first house. We are so excited about it, and are looking forward to having you over for dinner cooked on the grill you gave us as a housewarming gift-thank you for that as well. When we first met I was five and you were six. You can do the math from there, but I wanted to say how nice it is to have the help of a lifelong friend. See you soon! Beverly and Tom Huttner
Rob, Thanks for all your help in making our "dream home" a reality. You are truly a professional. Gary & Diane, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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