Its a new year, and I have jumped into lots of changes in my business and personal life. Well, really in my business life, as I have jumped head first into a total re-working of my website and blog, which of course leads to other changes.  It's like painting a room. Suddenly everything that you thought was fine, isn't.  

Please bear with me.  It won't take me nearly as long to get the changes up and running as it took me to get myself to begin the task in the first place. I've thought a lot about my real estate business, and how to better engage with clients, and I look forward to sharing that in the new year.  

Just this week I have been honored to be named a Realtor Emeritus with the National Association of Realtors. I am pleased to be recognized for being a member of NAR ( and in real estate)  for the last 40 years, but I admittedly had to refer to the dictionary for the definition of Emeritus.  "Retired but allowed to retain title".  Not exactly my position, and not exactly correct in my case. I doubt I'll ever be retired. Not out of greed, but out of interest. As long as I find people I like to work with and that like me, and properties that interest them, I'm game.  Maybe the best perk of the title is that I remain a member of NAR and pay no dues.  I may buy a new pen with the savings!